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Jeremy McBryde has a very clear vision about the future of restaurants. Jeremy talks about existing business and his endeavor with "Flava Neighbor" restaurant concepts.

The video is a Show Clip from Cautiously Optimistic Episode with guest Jeremy McBryde.

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  • Have It Your Way! McDonald’s first fully automated restaurant —with no human contact in Fort Worth KXAN
  • Wingstop is the latest fast food chain to use AI bots to take customer orders, joining 13 others like McDonald's and Chipotle testing the technology to save on labor Business Insider
  • TikTok Is Not a Fan of McDonald's New AI Ordering System Food and Wine
  • 11 mind-blowing facts about Craigslist, which makes more than $1 billion a year and employs just 50 people Business Insider
  • I would rather have 10 percent of a watermelon than 100 percent of a grape. JPrince
  • The future of Drive Thru, with speed and efficiency at the center McDonalds YouTube
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