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Jeremy McBryde is known as the "Flava Finess'a" (One with the sauce; it ain’t on ya, it’s in ya), a restauranteur and cuisine connoisseur with a Cobra Clutch on the comfort food/soul food game in the City of Angels.

Jeremy sits down with Cautiously Optimistic, to share how he can relate to being hopeful about moving forward in his life while recognizing the challenges involved.

Straight through the whole episode, Jeremy has so many one-liners and catch phrases, his personality comes through the speakers or screen.

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Episode Timestamps

  • (00:00:00) Introduction
  • (00:00:15) Flava Finessa
  • (00:01:38) Cleveland Roots
  • (00:02:37) Why Jeremy
  • (00:03:51) Sharing Information
  • (00:05:07) First Business Sour Patch Star and Limewire Hustle
  • (00:09:49) Range of Hustle
  • (00:11:07) How Did You Arrive In Food?
  • (00:12:52) Polish boy my way
  • (00:16:17) Community and What The People Want
  • (00:17:25) Make It Your Own
  • (00:20:12) Comfort LA
  • (00:23:29) Why A Pop-Up
  • (00:26:13) How Did You Learn?
  • (00:27:19) How Important Was It To Have A Co-founder?
  • (00:28:05) Removing Ego
  • (00:29:24) How Do Ignore The Noise
  • (00:30:54) How Did You Grow From Pop-Up to Brick-n-Mortar?
  • (00:31:48) Its About Community
  • (00:32:51) How Do You Stay Even Keeled?
  • (00:33:26) Shout Out To Fernando. Great Conversation Tactic
  • (00:35:42) Support Structure
  • (00:37:56) How Did Food Network Happen?
  • (00:45:51) Finding Your Voice
  • (00:48:39) Finding Joy In Your Process
  • (00:49:20) What Do You Wish You Would Have Known?
  • (00:51:50) Learning

🎵 Music Produced by Chris "Big Duke" Malloy during  "Secret Sauce Session" with Neil Alonzo.

🎥 Produced by  @vocalvisualco  

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