Seth Brundle Getting Creative Playlist

Seth Brundle, shares a playlist to help get his creative ideas going.  S01 EP02 Cautiously Optimistic.

Track List

  1. Torin's Silhouette
  2. Malaysia (feat. Larry June)
    Premo Rice, Larry June
  3. Avoid Things
  4. Him (feat. Dom Kennedy)
    Jayson Cash, Dom Kennedy
  5. Can't Breathe
    9th Wonder, .SMITTY
  6. Warm Ways - 2017 Remaster
    Fleetwood Mac
  7. Be Encouraged
  8. Blackest in the Room
    Freddie Gibbs
  9. 1979
    The Smashing Pumpkins
  10. Hook
    Blues Traveler
  11. Feel It All Around
    Washed Out
  12. Jesus of Suburbia
    Green Day
  13. Heroes - 2017 Remaster
    David Bowie
  14. Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)
    Dave Matthews Band

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